Puffy Mattress Review

Puffy Mattress Evaluation -Sleep like a baby..?! 
Wish to feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud? Then the Puffy mattress may just fulfill your wildest bed room dreams. This all-foam bed includes a combination of gel memory foam and high-density poly foam so you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. In body talk, this implies pressure relief, spinal column alignment, and comfortable assistance.  .

Because memory foam is frequently understood for deep body contouring and sinkage, I wondered to see if I in fact felt like I was floating – and sleeping – on cloud 9. I put the mattress through a variety of tests to discover.

Keep checking out for my entire Puffy mattress evaluation, where I’ll analyze the Puffy’s building and construction, firmness level, motion control, and more! Go here for a fast summary if you’re in a hurry.  .

Brand name Snapshot
The Puffy Mattress struck the market in 2017 after years of research and development, foam solutions, and sleep trials. The Puffy brand name exists to produce a “best” sleep system that is specifically targeted at individuals who have pain in the back.  .

Puffy Mattress Review

All Puffy items are made in the USA and the foam utilized in each mattress is CertiPUR-US ® Qualified. Puffy also sells a luxury mattress called the Puffy Lux, which I’ll be comparing later. If you’re searching and checking out other mattresses, I’ll offer a direct comparison between two of Puffy’s primary rivals: Nectar and Purple.

On the social good front, Puffy partners with different nonprofits throughout the country to donate mattresses to kids in need.

What is the Puffy Made Of?
The Puffy is made with three distinct foam layers to supply targeted relief to the spine. In fact, I reviewed this bed before, however the business just recently made some updates to the bed that consisted of adding in an additional transition layer.

Let’s look inside to see how this all turn out.

Cover – The top of the Puffy includes a standard polyester blend cover with a bit of lycra combined in to help the material stretch. The cover is quite thin, so air should stream easily through the mattress to help keep you cool.

Convenience – Right beneath the cover is 2″ of what Puffy calls its “Cooling Cloud Foam,” which is essentially a gel memory foam. This kind of foam has actually gel microbeads mixed into it and tends to do a better job of managing sleep temperature than other kinds of memory foam. This top foam layer is extremely soft and will allow the sleeper to sink into the mattress for some good pressure relief.

Transition – 2 inches of poly foam, marketed as “Climate Comfort,” follows. This foam has a firmer feel to prevent the sleeper from feeling stuck after sinking into the comfort layer. The shift layer likewise offers nestling support to the body as it moves through the mattress down to the company base below.

Base – The bottom base is 6″ of HD polyfoam, a very typical assistance product found in the majority of bed-in-a-box beds. This will offer general strong and tough support for the mattress.


How Firm is the Puffy Mattress?
The last time I reviewed the Puffy, this mattress’s firmness level was rated a 5 out of 10, labeling it a medium-soft bed best for side sleepers who like gentle, contoured assistance. I had a hunch the more recent variation would have a different outcome, provided the addition of the firmer transition layer, so let’s see if I was right!  .

When I pushed my hand into the mattress, I felt a preliminary compression from the top layer of memory foam. When I struck the transition layer, my hand no longer sank in, which generally indicates the body will not feel “stuck” in bed. For daily sleepers, this implies the Puffy will offer initial sinkage followed by strong and cradling assistance to keep the spinal column in excellent positioning and the hips well supported, making it excellent option for those suffering from arthritis.  .


To determine how company a mattress actually is, I do not go with my intuition alone, so I asked three other co-workers to check it out with me. We each supplied a firmness level score in between 1 and 10: 10 being the most firm and 1 being the softest. We balanced our scores together to come up with the last number which you can see below.

Our balanced ratings came out to 6.5, suggesting the Puffy is a real, industry-standard medium-firm bed. This firmness levels generally suggests the bed will strike a nice balance of soft convenience and strong support, so the body feels both comfortable and nestled.

Based on these results, I think the Puffy is best fit for combo and side sleepers who need something softer to protect the hips and shoulders, but still want a little movement to change positions with ease. I do not advise this bed for stomach sleepers – they need a firmer surface area to prevent the hips from sinking in which could trigger lower pain in the back. If you roll onto your stomach for just a short portion of the night, you may get enough support.


Pressure Relief
Rather than just explaining the feel of the Puffy, I want to likewise supply a visual representation of where pressure points may form while lying on it. To do this I put a pressure map on top of the mattress and rolled onto my back, side, and stomach.

As I moved between positions, the map makes a colorful graphic depicting how my body is engaging with the structure in real time. Blue areas show zones of low pressure while red ones demonstrate high stress.


Back – As I ‘d anticipate on a medium company bed, there’s blue all over on this map, which indicates my weight is equally dispersed in this position which the foam layers are working to minimize tension at my lumbar region. This enhances that back sleepers should find comfort and pressure relief on the Puffy.


Side – Again, I’m not amazed with these results: The map suggests a smidgen of pressure forming around the shoulders and hips as I rolled over to my side. That said, side and back combo sleepers ought to feel fine on this bed, given that this bed does strike a great balance of convenience and support. If you’re a rigorous side sleeper, I might point you to a slightly softer mattress to secure the hips and shoulders.

Stomach – While you’ll once again see blue throughout the map, I don’t believe the pressure test tells the whole story for stomach sleepers. If you’re a stringent stomach sleeper, I would search for a firmer mattress that will prevent the hips from sinking too far in the bed. As I discussed previously, some combo sleepers might be fine if you also roll around to your side or back during the night.


Now that we know more about the Puffy mattress, let’s compare the bed to two of its leading rivals: Nectar and Purple.  .

Comparable to the Puffy, The Nectar is likewise a bed-in-a-box mattress that features thick layers of memory foam to provide deep pressure relief.

The Nectar features a lots of deep body-contouring and is specifically good for side sleepers who require additional, soft support for the side body.
Movement transfer is no concern for the Nectar, which separates motion and promises an undisturbed night’s rest.

In regards to price, the Nectar is a bit less costly, with a Queen bed priced at right under $700 compared to the Puffy price of $850.


Other Designs
As I discussed at the beginning of this post, Puffy offers another, all-foam mattress with a touch more luxury: The Lux Let’s compare them side-by-side.

The Puffy vs. Puffy Lux.
The Puffy Lux is likewise an all-foam, bed-in-a-box mattress.
Unlike the Puffy, the Lux version has an additional layer of foam in its construction, adding even more sinkage and pressure relief to the general feel of the bed.
This luxury version of the Puffy Lux is a great option for strict side sleepers who typically require softer beds that support the shoulders and hips.
At right under $1,500 for a Queen, it’s more costly than the routine Puffy bed.

Puffy Mattress Review


Motion Transfer
Next up, we’ll be evaluating movement transfer, which will demonstrate the amount of movement you’ll likely discover from one side of the bed to the other. If you sleep with a partner who tends to toss and turn throughout the night, you’ll want a bed that doesn’t move a great deal of motion so you can sleep peacefully.

To show this movement transfer, I dropped a 10 lb. steel ball from heights of 4 inches, 8 inches and 12 inches and measured the disturbance it triggered: the bigger the lines, the bigger the disruption.  .


The Puffy carried out average on this test. I actually thought the results would be a bit much better, thinking about memory foam normally does a fantastic job of separating motion. What these outcomes indicate, nevertheless, is that you need to still experience some movement on this mattress and be able to move around without feeling stuck in bed. Combination sleepers, we’re taking a look at you!


How Far Will You Sink Into the Puffy?
Lots of folks purchasing a brand-new mattress wish to know whether they’ll sink into or float on top of a bed. This sinkage test will find out simply that!  .

To imagine this sinkage, I put four balls of varying sizes and densities (a 6 lb medicine ball, a 10 pound steel ball, a 50 pound conditioning ball, and a 100 lb conditioning ball) on the mattress and determined how much they compressed the surface.

The variations in size, weight, and density are implied to replicate various body parts and different sized sleepers.

The results were interesting: There’s more sinkage than what I expected to see, particularly considering that this is a medium-firm mattress with excellent assistance and movement. This data are probably an outcome of the comfort layer’s extremely soft foam on top. Still, you most likely will not feel stuck in the Puffy thanks to the firm transition layer straight beneath.


Is the Puffy Mattress Right for You?
The Puffy is an all-foam mattress in a box with a medium firmness that is excellent for a wide range of sleepers. I was likewise impressed with the infusion of a cooling gel to help prevent memory foam heat trap. I likewise think the Puffy does a great task of lowering pains and discomforts that some people experience when sleeping on a mattress that isn’t the best firmness for their sleep design.

Puffy Recommendations
Back sleepers and side sleepers will probably love this bed, given there’s great mobility on the mattress even without a great deal of bounce.
Memory foam that sleeps cool is hard to come by, however the cooling gel infusion assists make the Puffy breathable and comfortable all night long.
Aches and pains be-gone with the Puffy! While I can’t make any pledges, the bed is developed to minimize a lot of pesky pressure pains.


Puffy Complaints
If you’re looking for that “on top” sensation, you will not truly get that on the Puffy, which concentrates on sinkage and pressure relief over bounce and spring.  .
Rigorous stomach sleepers must watch out for the Puffy, which might be too soft to safely support their hips and shoulders.

Fundamental Details

  • Sleep Trial – 101 Nights <–
  • Service warranty – Lifetime
  • Shipping – Free and compressed
  • Queen – $900.


Does the Puffy mattress need to be turned?
The Puffy mattress is constructed in a way that it does not require to be flipped. The producer does advise that you turn the mattress 180 degrees about as soon as per year to increase the life of the mattress.

What kind of foam is utilized in the Puffy mattress?
The very first layer of the Puffy mattress is 2 ″ of “Cooling Cloud Foam,” which is a gel memory foam, next comes 2 ″ of poly foam, and the last layer is 6 ″ of HD poly foam.  .

Does the Puffy mattress featured a sleep trial or guarantee?
The Puffy mattress provides a 101-night sleep trial to consumers. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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